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If you are unable to attend our Milwaukee-based events each spring, this is the perfect solution for you.


Take advantage of this exceptional training opportunity that brings professional, subject matter expert-led training directly to your agency.

By bringing together professionals from various regional agencies, we create an environment that encourages knowledge sharing and the development of best practices.

Our training program is designed to break down each specific topic to its simplest form, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for all participants.  

Through these interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants will gain valuable insights into seamless joint honor guard operations.  This unique training opportunity aims to foster cooperation and enhance overall joint operations by establishing standardized operating procedures.

We provide you with the necessary tools and resources based on our proven methodology. However, we acknowledge that there are multiple approaches to the subject matter, and our training is not limited to just one perspective. We encourage open discussions and the exploration of alternative methods during the sessions.

At our events, we recognize that networking plays a crucial role in professional growth and development. It provides an opportunity for our students to connect with other honor guard family members.  We believe that networking goes beyond just exchanging business cards. It's about fostering connections, sharing experiences, and creating a supportive and lifelong family bond. 

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As new off-site events are scheduled, the logo of the host agency will be displayed below. Click on the image of a specific agency to learn more about their event.


Please check back regularly as events will be added as soon as they are confirmed.


Pittsburg, Kansas
*** Cancelled ***

Hosted by

Pittsburg Fire and Rescue

Course selection

This training event has been cancelled. 


Salt Lake City, Utah
May 9-11 2024

Hosted by

Salt Lake City Fire Rescue

Course selection 

2 day Honor Guard Clinic

1 day Funeral Operations School

Link for registration 

Fishers FD.png

Fishers, Indiana
Oct 7-10 2024

Hosted by

Fishers Fire Department

Course selection

3 day Honor Guard Clinic

2 day Funeral Operations School

Updates as they become available. 


If you want to know more about hosting an off-site event, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Please choose your agency type below to connect with your off-site leadership team.


It is recommended that hosted off-site events are open to all emergency services to increase attendance and foster a strong relationship with honor guards in your area.

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