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Course Information

Honor Guard Clinic (MHGC):  Apr. 7-9 2025

0900-1700 daily

(Course capacity:  90 students)

Funeral Operations School (FOS):  Apr. 10 & 11 2025

0900-1700 daily

(Course capacity:  90 students)

Unit Commander School (UCS):  Apr. 12 & 13 2025

0900-1700 daily

(Course capacity:  50 students)

MHGC - $400.00 per student

FOS - $350.00 per student

UCS - $300.00 per student 

MHGC/FOS - $700.00 per student

FOS/UCS - $600.00 per student

MHGC/FOS/UCS - $800.00 per student

**Daily lunch is included with registration.**

Registration: OPEN

Registration closes March 4th 2025.

Venue Information

St. Francis Fire Department

3400 East Howard Avenue

St. Francis, WI 53235

414/483-4424 (non-emergency)

**Student Parking**

St. Francis Lions Community Center

3476 E Howard Avenue

St. Francis, WI 53235

No student parking permitted at the Fire Department, Police Department, or City Hall.  Thank you!

Host Hotel Information

Venue information pending

Rate:  Pending

Breakfast:  Pending

Room Block Code:  Pending

Block Closure:  March 4th 2025

Honor Guard Clinic

0 of 90 Filled


Funeral Operations School

0 of 90 Filled


Unit Commander School

0 of 50 Filled


Current Registration Status
(OPEN - APRIL 8th 2024 to MARCH 4th 2025)


*** Please read fully before registering ***

  • Each Student MUST complete a separate registration.  To ensure accuracy no group registrations are supported.

  • To ensure accurate information each student MUST complete their own registration.

  • For those attending Honor Guard Clinic you MUST complete the security screening information. 

  • Please double check all information provided to ensure accuracy before submitting your registration.

  • If you do not receive a confirmation within  2 business days please use the contact us button below to let us know.


Registration cancellation with refund (minus administrative fee’s) will be approved until two (2) weeks prior to the training event.  Any cancellations inside of that two (2) week window will not be provided with a refund (medical issues with the member or their immediate family, or urgent honor guard needs will be reviewed on a case-by-case bases for refunds).

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