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Honor Guard Clinics and Schools, Inc. 

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This We'll Defend


Organization Information

  • Appointed to the organization

    • 2012

Honor Guard Experience

  • Joined the honor guard

    • 2010

  • Positions held

    • Deputy Commander

      • Milwaukee Firefighters Honor Guard​

    • Assistant Sector Commander

      • IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial​

Service Experience & Affiliation

  • Joined the emergency services

    • 2008

  • Service type

    • Fire service​

  • Agency affiliation

    • City of Milwaukee Fire Department - Wisconsin​

  • Agency status

    • Active

Military Veteran 

  • Yes

    • United States Army | Field Artillery

Black Washed Wall

“Honor Guard means giving the family their last glimpse, possibly their last time being at a fire department event. I want their last memories of Honor, the Honor given to their loved ones.”

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