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Black Washed Wall
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Director of Off-Site Operations (Law Enforcement) and Instructor

Honor Guard Clinics and Schools, Inc. 

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Organization Information

  • Appointed to the organization

    • 2023

Honor Guard Experience

  • Joined the honor guard

    • 2017

  • Positions held

    • Training Coordinator

      • Harrisonburg Police Department Honor Guard​

Service Experience & Affiliation

  • Joined the emergency services

    • 2013

  • Service type

    • Law Enforcement

  • Agency affiliation

    • City of Harrisonburg Police Department - Virginia

  • Agency status

    • Active

Military Veteran 

  • No

    • N/A

Black Washed Wall

"To me Honor Guard is an opportunity to serve a noble cause. It is a family, not just
among its members from all regions but also extends to the families of the fallen. I
believe that Honor Guards are united by a shared dedication and personal
commitment to honoring the memory and sacrifice of our brothers and sisters, all the
while standing by their friends and families with unwavering support."

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