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Black Washed Wall
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Equipment Quartermaster and Instructor

Honor Guard Clinics and Schools, Inc. 

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Organization Information

  • Appointed to the organization

    • 2005

Honor Guard Experience

  • Joined the honor guard

    • 2000

  • Positions held

    • Deputy Commander and Commander

      • Milwaukee Firefighters Honor Guard ​

    • Member 

      • Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Honor Guard​

    • Sector Commander 

      • IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial​

Service Experience & Affiliation

  • Joined the emergency services

    • 1999

  • Service type

    • Fire service​

  • Agency affiliation

    • City of Milwaukee Fire Department - Wisconsin​

  • Agency status

    • Active

Military Veteran 

  • No

    • N/A

Black Washed Wall

“Bringing comfort and healing to the families of our Brothers and Sisters. When we put on
that uniform, we put everything aside and make sure that we Honor our Fallen Members the
best way we can. Families remember that for years to come. Having compassion, integrity
and being professional are very important qualities to have. Compassion and respect until
they have reached their final resting place and ensure they will forever be remembered.”

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