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Black Washed Wall
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Director of Canadian Operations and Instructor

Honor Guard Clinics and Schools, Inc. 

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Organization Information

  • Appointed to the organization

    • 2015

Honor Guard Experience

  • Joined the honor guard

    • 2008

  • Positions held

    • Deputy Commander

      • Calgary Fire Department Honour Guard​

    • Assistant Sector Commander

      • IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial​

Service Experience & Affiliation

  • Joined the emergency services

    • 2003

  • Service type

    • Fire service​

  • Agency affiliation

    • City of Calgary Fire Department - Alberta, Canada

  • Agency status

    • Active

Military Veteran 

  • No

    • N/A

Black Washed Wall

“I enjoy the drill and I admire the precision. Striving to be better every time I step off for an event.
Being a part of the Honour Guard has afforded me not only the opportunity to represent my
department and union at a higher level but allowed me to build friendships and working
relationships that I value more than I have the capacity to put into words. The most important part
for me is the families. To ensure that in their most tragic moments can take comfort in knowing their
loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice will be cared for with the highest degree of
compassion and respect until they have reached their final resting place and ensure they will forever
be remembered.”

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