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The Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic's goal is to equip students of the fire service, EMS service and law enforcement on the basic foundational pieces of performing a line of duty death funeral.   The main focus is serving the families of the fallen hero.  This is one of the hardest days in their life, and as honor guard members, it is our responsibility to make that day as easy as possible for them.  This enables the family to grieve in peace and honor their loved one. ​

Our clinic and schools may not be the most expensive as compared to others of it's kind.  We would rather make learning affordable to be  able to teach the most students possible.  This enables farther reach so that duties at a funeral are performed in sync, properly and professionally.  ​

Our way teaches foundational aspects but we realize there are many different ways to do certain things.  We never want to say our way is the only way, but we give the tools to feel confident with the ability to serve the families when they need us most.​

Click play and turn on volume to watch a powerful video to learn more.

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